Islamabad Capital Police Saddar Zone Takes Action Against Professional Criminals and Drug Dealers

Islamabad, May 17: In a series of operations, the Islamabad Capital Police Saddar Zone  has initiated actions against professional criminals and drug dealers.

In a successful operation, SHO Police Station Ramna and his team apprehended key individuals involved in forced entry robberies associated with the notorious Chhobda Gang. The gang members were captured, and a substantial amount of cash was seized from their possession.

In a separate but equally significant development, the Ramna Police Station also managed to apprehend a notorious drug dealer during a targeted operation against the rampant drug trade in the area. A significant quantity of drugs was confiscated from the dealer.


These recent operations by the Islamabad Capital Police reflect their commitment to combating crime and ensuring public safety. The arrests and seizures made will serve as a deterrent to potential criminals and contribute to maintaining law and order in the city. They also have assured the public that they will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the citizens of Islamabad.

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