Journalist Sami Abraham returns home

Islamabad, May 30 : Senior journalist and TV anchorperson Sami Abraham returned home in the early hours of Tuesday after going missing from the federal capital last week.

The anchorperson confirmed his return as he took to his official Twitter account to thank the Almighty.

Earlier on Monday, Abraham’s daughter, Zainab Sami, tweeted the “great news” her family received and shared that her father had “reached home safely”.

Zainab thanked “everyone who helped spread the news” and made Abraham’s return “possible”.

Abraham’s “good friend” Supreme Court Advocate Raja Aamir Abbas also announced that the journalist was “back” with a picture of Abraham in a hospital bed.

Journalist and political analyst Anwar Lodhi shared the same picture and said Abraham looked “like he’s been through serious torture”.

After Abraham’s return, many have called for the swift return of journalist and YouTuber Imran Riaz Khan, who remains missing.

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