Murad Saeed urges CJP to take notice of ‘threats’ to his life

May 24 , 2023 : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Murad Saeed on Wednesday penned a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial, raising concern over “bogus cases” and “life threats” he claims to be facing.

The PTI’s official Twitter account has shared the letter Saeed addressed to the CJP requesting him to take notice of the “bogus cases, frivolous FIRs and life threats” he faces as well as the “complicity of the government of Pakistan, its instrumentalities and officers” in the matter.

The former minister in his letter maintained that he had reasons to believe his “fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution” were under threat.

He called into question the “constitutionality, validity, reasonability and legitimacy of the acts, omission and commissions of the federal government as well as the provincial governments and their functionaries, instrumentalities and officers”. He urged the Supreme Court (SC) to take notice of their actions.

Saeed once again reiterated his concerns about the killing of journalist Arshad Sharif as well.

“Regrettably, his grievances and concerns were not addressed. No one took him and his worries seriously and as a consequence Pakistan lost a patriotic, nationalist and loyal citizen,” the letter stated.

Saeed also apprised CJ Bandial of the series of cases registered against him including the blasphemy case over the harassment of government officials at Masjid Nabvi and others, such as, inciting violence on various occasions, sedition, terrorism, abetting mutiny among others which he maintained were all “bogus charges”.

“These cases were made only because I raised my voice for the supremacy of the Constitution and the establishment of peace in the country,” he maintained.

“Armed men dressed in plain clothes tried to attack my house, who escaped easily into the Red Zone on my arrival,” he claimed, adding that “despite repeated efforts and court orders on this matter, the police did not file an FIR” over the incident.

He also said that during a raid at his residence in his absence, women and employees had been harassed by the officials.

“Now plans are being made to take action against me under the Army Act,” the letter stated raising serious concerns over “tweets by several journalists predicting the arrest or killing of a PTI leader”.

This, he maintained, was grounds enough for him to believe that “it is clear that plans are afoot to kill me which will be pinned onto the party’s leadership”.

He stressed that his “fundamental right of access to justice has been suspended by the state’s extra-constitutional measures” as he urged the apex court to take measures to ensure his safety.

Notably, the PTI faces a crackdown by state authorities following violent protests targeting sensitive state and military installations after party chief Imran Khan was arrested on May 9.

Saeed was amongst the PTI leaders named in an FIR against protestors that attacked the historic Jinnah House in Lahore’s Cantonment area, which is also the Corps’ Commander’s residence in the provincial capital.

With much of the party leadership either incarcerated or already having parted ways with the PTI, the pressure appears to be mounting on the party leadership.

It may also be noted that Saeed, in particular, has also previously raised concerns about his safety and sought protection from the courts.

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