Police Station City Rawalpindi Reunites Missing Child with Parents

Rawalpindi, May 07: Rawalpindi Police has accomplished a heartwarming success story by reuniting a missing child with their parents after an exhaustive search operation. The City Police Station received a report of a missing child and promptly launched a comprehensive search campaign, utilizing all available resources and reaching out to the public for assistance.

Thanks to the cooperation of the citizens, the search efforts led the police for Haram Mateen. The police handed over the child to the grateful and emotional parents, who expressed their gratitude towards the Rawalpindi Police and the citizens who contributed to the search efforts.

The Rawalpindi Police department, led by the diligent and committed officers, demonstrated their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the citizens, especially the vulnerable ones like children. This success story serves as an inspiration to other law enforcement agencies and the community at large to work together to prevent crimes and reunite missing individuals with their families.

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