President phones families of martyrs of Muslim Bagh attack

ISLAMABAD, May 19 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi on Friday telephoned the family members of those martyred in a terrorist attack in the Muslim Bagh area of Balochistan on May 12.

The president paid tribute to the martyrs and saluted them for their services to the nation.

He also sympathised with the family members of the martyred and also got emotional during the conversation.

The president phoned the family members of havaldars Abdul Raheem, Muhammad Irfan, Nadeem Iqbal, stenotypist Ghulam Fareed, and sanitary workers Sabir Masih and Shan Masih.

He also had a telephonic conversation with family members of Lance Naik Faheem Mushtaq and sepoys Saeed Aslam and Talha Jami.

“The martyrs are an asset for the nation. The nation will never forget their sacrifices,” the president commented.

He also lauded the services of the martyrs to the country and paid them tribute on behalf of the whole nation.

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