‘Propaganda cell’ twisting my remarks on foreign conspiracy: Imran

Opponents pick up things and purposely misinterpret them, says former prime minister

Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan has clarified that his political opponents are quoting his statement on ‘US conspiracy narrative’ out of the context, stressing that he has always advocated for friendly ties with all countries including the United States.

“No sane man wants to have enemies. But we don’t want to be anyone’s slaves,” the PTI chief said while addressing the PTI’s long march via video link on Monday.

The deposed premier’s remarks came amid the hullabaloo in government quarters over his Financial Times interview in which he stated that he had put the ‘US conspiracy’ matter “behind him”.

“A propaganda cell is feeding journalists. They pick up things that I say and purposely misinterpret them,” Imran said, adding that the cipher was in the NSC, parliament as well as with the president.

“What is the issue in this? When we say that we are moving forward, it means we want good relationships,” he clarified.

“Our journalism has reached a point where even foreign journalists have to clarify their stories,” Imran added.


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