Punjab Bar Council Pakistan Releases Final List of 564 Fake Lawyers

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

The Punjab Bar Council Pakistan has released the final list of 564 fake lawyers who are no longer lawyers, and an FIR will also be registered against them. This announcement follows a year-long investigation into allegations of fake lawyers practicing law in the province.


It was also observed during the process that the reports received from the Universities, Boards, Institutions …

The degrees/certificates of 15 candidates for the seat of Member Punjab Bar Council were found bogus

The Provincial Bar Council took prompt action to investigate the matter after receiving numerous complaints from clients who had been taken advantage of by these unqualified individuals. After a thorough investigation, the Punjab Bar Council was able to identify and publish the final list of 564 fake lawyers.


In addition to releasing this list, an FIR are also be registered against each one for violating the provisions of The Punjab Legal Practitioners & Bar Council Act 1973. This means that these individuals may face legal consequences such as fines or imprisonment if found guilty.


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