Saudia Arabia evacuates 91 people including Pakistani nationals from Sudan

ISLAMABAD, Apr 23 (APP): Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Pakistan announced the evacuation of 91 people from various countries including Pakistani nationals from Sudan.

According to a statement of the embassy, the operation was carried out by the Royal Saudi Naval Forces with the support of various branches of the armed forces on the directives of the Kingdom’s Leadership.

“We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of the citizens of the Kingdom who were evacuated from the Republic of Sudan as well as several nationals of brotherly and friendly countries, including diplomats and international officials,” it said.

A total of 66 people from brotherly and friendly countries including Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tunisia, Pakistan, India, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Canada, and Burkina Faso have been evacuated.

The Kingdom worked to provide all the necessary needs of foreign nationals in preparation for their departure to their respective countries, it added.

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