She doesn’t impress me: Rubina Ashraf takes digs at Yumna for adhering to script without changes

May 30, 2023 : Renowned actor Rubina Ashraf recently shared her thoughts on Yumna Zaidi’s performance in the TV serial Tere Bin during an interview on a local channel. In her candid remarks, Ashraf expressed her views on Zaidi’s alleged lack of control over her character, stating that it fails to leave a lasting impression on her as an actor. However, she acknowledged that the limitations may lie with the script rather than Zaidi herself.

During the interview, Ashraf expressed her observation by stating, “She [Zaidi] does not really impress me as an actor because she’s hopping from one place to another, saying whatever is written. It’s not her fault. But she’s making her character seem like that of a confused woman.”

Responding to the host’s interjection, who questioned Zaidi’s ability to alter her character, Ashraf asserted, “We change it. I said this, maybe you didn’t hear. An actor, especially if they’ve been working for 15 years, has that margin to fix those small things.” She further elaborated on the examples of male actors taking charge of the script, citing Imran Ashraf and Wahaj Ali as examples. “Like, I am sure, Murtasim (Ali) is doing with his character, but [Zaidi] is not doing that.”

While Ashraf’s comments sparked a debate in the industry and among fans, it is important to analyse the dynamics of demanding changes to the script, particularly for women actors. In the entertainment industry, where patriarchal norms often persist, the ability of female actors to demand alterations to their characters or scripts may face challenges.

Historically, women in the industry have often encountered limitations and constraints when it comes to exercising creative control over their roles. Many factors, including the prevailing power dynamics, the influence of production teams, and societal expectations, may contribute to the perceived difficulty for women in demanding script changes.

However, it is worth noting that the industry has been evolving, with more female actors and creators asserting their agency and advocating for their artistic vision. A recently unearthed interview with Mawra Hocane showed how the actor pressed for changes in Qissa Meherbano Ka, leading to a change in the narrative that followed a particularly harrowing scene pertaining to marital rape.

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