Shehzad Town Police Station Takes Action Against Professional Criminals and Drug Dealers

ISLAMABAD, June 08 : The Islamabad Capital Police has made significant strides in combating crime within its own ranks.

The Shehzad Town Police Station recently apprehended two individuals involved in armed robberies on the streets of Lethrar Road and Park Road, where they targeted citizens and stole valuable items such as motorcycles and mobile phones. The swift and decisive action by the Islamabad Capital Police ensured their prompt arrest, bringing a much-needed sense of relief to the residents who were directly impacted by their crimes.

Furthermore, the police station also cracked down on an illegal alcohol operation, capturing a suspect engaged in the unlawful sale of liquor. The seizure of a substantial quantity of illicit alcohol further disrupted the illicit trade.



The arrests and seizures made will serve as a deterrent to potential criminals and contribute to maintaining law and order in the city. These  operations serves as a reminder to all citizens to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities they may come across. By working together, citizens and the police can create a safer environment and ultimately eliminate the illicit drug trade from our city.

These commendable efforts by the Islamabad Capital Police demonstrate their dedication to maintaining law and order, safeguarding the community, and sending a clear message to criminals that they will be held accountable. The police force remains committed to ensuring the safety and security of the citizens of Islamabad.


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