Sheikh Rashid’s nomination papers for NA-62 by-polls challenged

RAWALPINDI: The nomination papers of Awami Muslim League (AML) chief and former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed for the by-poll in NA-62 Rawalpindi constituency were challenged on Sunday, reported Daily Information Times.

Advocate Azmat Mubarak, a candidate for the by-election in NA-62, challenged Sheikh Rashid’s nomination papers. He claimed that there are serious allegations against the former minister and that he has not fully disclosed his assets.

The petitioner accused the returning officer (RO) of causing suspicions against the “clean, free and impartial election” of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) by not conducting a proper investigation.

“Many criminal cases are registered against Sheikh Rashid. A candidate cannot contest elections if he is involved in criminal cases,” said Mubarak.

He added that there have been FIRs registered against the AML leader not only in Murree and Islamabad but also in other cities. “Sheikh Rashid has no proof of ownership of Lal Haveli,” he claimed.

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Mubarak said that the RO did not scrutinise Rashid’s papers, adding that “it is necessary for the candidate to appear at the appointed time in the process of scrutiny”.

“The approval of Sheikh Rashid’s nomination papers gives an impression of pressure,” he said.

The petitioner noted that the ex-minister had resigned himself, questioning the basis on which he is now contesting the elections.

“When he has himself tendered resignation, why and on which basis he is contesting election again,” he questioned.

“Sheikh Rashid is becoming a security risk for the opposition candidates by playing with the sentiments of the people and gaining sympathy,” he said.

Candidate Mubarak said that if his plea is rejected, he will challenge Rashid’s nomination papers in the Election Tribunal and the High Court.

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A day earlier, the RO had accepted Sheikh Rashid’s nomination papers for the by-poll in NA-62 Rawalpindi constituency.

Rashid had been summoned by the RO to join the scrutiny process but could not appear “due to security concerns”, jail authorities informed the returning officer.

The AML chief’s nephew and former MNA Sheikh Rashid Shafique had said he was informed via a phone call from the prison that the former minister would not be presented before the RO.

He furthered that there is no charge of corruption against Rashid. “Today we will request that the money and items that were taken by the Islamabad police from his house be handed over,” he had said.

The senior politician has declared that he stands with Imran Khan “till the last drop of blood,” the former MNA said. Rashid had also stated that he is “mentally ready to contest elections from jail”.


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