SHO Shafqat Faiz Takes Charge at Kohsar Police Station

By Muhammad Sajid Warsi :

Islamabad, June 01 : In a momentous development, the revered and accomplished law enforcement officer, SHO Shafqat Faiz has been transferred from Karachi Company Police Station to Kohsar Police Station. Known for his dedication, professionalism, and remarkable track record, SHO Shafqat Faiz’s appointment at Kohsar Police Station is expected to bring about a positive transformation in the community’s safety and security.

Having previously served at Koral Police Station in the Rural Zone and Karachi Company Police Station in the Saddar Zone, SHO Shafqat Faiz earned a well-deserved reputation as an exceptional officer, consistently demonstrating unparalleled professionalism and unwavering bravery. His transfer to the vital City Zone, which encompasses the Kohsar Police Station, has been hailed as a promising development by the locals, who eagerly anticipate his tough and uncompromising approach to combating crime.

SHO Shafqat Faiz’s exceptional capabilities as a law enforcement officer extend beyond his successful operations against criminals. Highly regarded for his integrity and fearlessness, he has earned the trust and respect of both his colleagues and superiors. His honesty, bravery, and commitment to upholding justice make him a beacon of inspiration within the Islamabad Police force.

Under the leadership of SHO Shafqat Faiz, the Kohsar Police Station is set to witness significant improvements in its service to the community. With a focus on proactive crime prevention, timely response to incidents, and enhanced community engagement, SHO Shafqat Faiz aims to create an environment of safety and security in Kohsar. His exceptional leadership and dedication are expected to inspire his team to new heights, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie among the officers serving alongside him.

The Islamabad Police force recognizes SHO Shafqat Faiz as an invaluable asset, and his commendable efforts and achievements rightly deserve recognition and appreciation. As he takes on his new role at Kohsar Police Station, the community can rest assured that their safety and well-being are in capable hands. With SHO Shafqat Faiz at the helm, Kohsar Police Station is poised to become a shining example of efficient and community-oriented law enforcement.

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