SP Rawal Makes Unannounced Assessment at Police Station Sadiqabad/ Bani

By Farhan Jafri…

RAWALPINDI: The Superintendent of Police (SP) Rawal Division, Babar Javed Joya recently made a surprise visit to the Police Station Sadiqabad and Bani. During this visit, SP Rawal conducted a detailed review of the police station building and front desk records to identify areas for improvement.

While talking to senior journalist Farhan Jafri and Chief Editor Daily information Times Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi, SP Rawal highlighted the importance of creating a safe and secure environment for all citizens. He also urged various officers to serve their community with utmost respect and dignity. Furthermore, he provided valuable guidance on how to improve operational efficiency in order to better serve the public.




SP Rawal Division Rawalpindi Babar Javed Joya also emphasized the need to ensure timely redressal of complaints in all cases. He stated that any shortcomings in public service delivery will not be tolerated and that swift action is necessary to ensure that citizens can access their rights without any impediment.

SP Joya also highlighted the need to take proactive steps to improve public service delivery. He stressed on the importance of citizen’s satisfaction and urged officials to make sure they are provided with the best possible services in a timely manner.

The SP further urged people to report any issues they face in availing Police services immediately so that appropriate measures can be taken for their resolution. He also assured citizens of full support from the public service authorities in providing the best possible solutions.

The Superintendent of Police (SP) Rawal Division, Babar Javed Joya is known for his hardworking and strict attitude towards non professional and corrupt police officers. He has taken measures to ensure that only the most professional and efficient officers are part of the team in Rawal Division. SP Joya has implemented a zero tolerance policy for any misconduct or lack of dedication on the part of any officer. He believes that no individual should be allowed to abuse their position within the force, and that every police officer should adhere to the highest standards of conduct.

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