Sp Sadar Rawalpindi Nabeel Khokar solves land grabbing case, bringing justice to complainant

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

RAWALPINDI: Sp Sadar Rawalpindi Nabil Khokar, an intelligent officer, has solved a case of land grabbing that has been lingering on since September 2022. The complainant, Syed Mehtab, was hopeless and exhausted by running pillar to post for justice. However, when Sp Sadar Nabeel Khokar noticed the situation, he examined all the documents and ordered Rawat police station to lodge an FIR against Zahid Kiyani, a notorious land grabber of Rawat Rawalpindi.

Syed Mehtab Hussain Shah, the complainant, expressed his gratitude to Sp Sadar Nabeel Khokar and said that the police need more officers like him to ensure fair and timely justice.

Renowned journalist Farhan Jafri, while talking to Daily Information Times, commended Sp Nabil Khokar’s efforts and stated that this is not the first time he has helped a complainant. He is an intelligent and honest police officer who always takes care of citizens’ issues.

Sp Sadar Rawalpindi Nabeel Khokar’s dedication to his duty and his outstanding performance in resolving the land-grabbing case have earned him praise and appreciation from all quarters. The citizens of Rawalpindi are fortunate to have such an outstanding officer serving in their community.

Chief Editor Daily Information Times Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi

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