The process of implementing driving licenses in Punjab has been made paperless

Lahore, Apr 19 : The authorities have taken a historic step for the convenience of the citizens of Punjab by making the process of implementing driving licenses paperless.

Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has announced the abolishment of the file system for obtaining and implementing driving licenses, making it easier for citizens to acquire them. Now, residents can obtain their driving licenses by presenting their national identity cards and paying the prescribed fee at any traffic office or service center in the province.

For obtaining an international driving license, a passport is mandatory, and citizens can also take their driving test in their own car. The need to bring a copy of any document, including identity cards, passports, and pictures, is no longer necessary. Citizens can now easily obtain their driving license without any hassle or recommendation.

IG Punjab Usman Anwar informed the media that there are over 10 million motorcycles and cars in Punjab, while only 4.5 million people have licenses. In Lahore alone, there are more than 7.5 million motorcycles and cars, out of which only 7-8 lakh citizens have obtained licenses.

He stated that obtaining a driving license was considered a difficult task, which is why people did not get a city license, but now this difficulty has been made easy. Driving license issuance facilities have been provided at police service centers throughout the province. In big cities of the province, citizens can obtain licenses 24/7 throughout the week, while in small towns, this facility is available in double shifts at police stations.

IG Punjab further stated that he urges the millions of citizens who are driving vehicles without licenses to take advantage of the opportunity and obtain their driving licenses from any police office or service center in the province without any hassle, recommendation, or bribe.


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