WATCH: Brave girl snatches gun during robbery bid in Gujranwala

In an act of bravery, a woman snatched a gun out of a robber’s hand as he and his accomplice attempted to intimidate her and steal her belongings in Gujranwala on Saturday.




Pointing the gun at the thieves, the woman shouted at them as they pleaded for forgiveness.

“You think women are weak?” she shouted as the perpetrators were taken into custody by police.

“Now you are seeking forgiveness but it is of no use now. You shoot people!,” the girl can be heard saying in the video that has gone viral on social media.

The girl shouted at the robbers will they ever try to commit the act again, adding that their video will be shared with the media as the suspected robbers are seen begging for mercy.

“I have children,” one of them can be seen saying. “Am I not a child of anyone,” the girl responded.

According to police, university student Bisma Shahid was going to the bank with her mother when two robbers tried to snatch the purse from the girl.

Seeing the dogged stand taken by the young girl, passersby also gathered at the site and caught both the robbers and handed them over to the police.

A case has also been registered against the suspects.


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