House Under Non-Confirming Use Discovered on Johar Road F8, Islamabad

By Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi…

ISLAMABAD: Incomplete and Ineffective Building Control Section City (BCS), CDA, Ruins Lives and Property in Islamabad.

The Islamabad Building Control Section is notorious for being ineffective and creating unnecessary hurdles for citizens. This department is only useful to make life difficult for the citizens of Islamabad.

The Islamabad Building Control department of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has closed its eyes to the misuse of different buildings in the federal capital.

According to sources, the CPE Institute ( having phone number (051-8460644, 051-8461644)  has been opened in a house on Johar Road in F-8 Islamabad, despite the fact that the CDA Building Control Section (BCS) had not approved the use of the property.

This is an interesting example of how non-conforming use can still take place without being stopped by the CDA BCS. The CDA employees involved are making more money than the CDA itself, which shows just how corrupt the organization has become. This story is worth following to see how things play out.


This story is pertinent as it sheds light on how lax building control has become in Islamabad.


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