Police Station I9 and DSP I9 Islamabad Phone Numbers Aren’t Working

ISLAMABAD: Police stations in Pakistan are often the first point of contact for citizens in need, but recent reports indicate that the phone numbers for both the police station in I9 (051-9258877) and the district superintendent of police (DSP)  (051-9258899) in Islamabad are not working.

In a country where emergency services are often unreliable, this is cause for concern for those who need to contact police in an emergency. While alternate announcements have NOT been made to inform citizens of the situation, it’s unclear how long this workaround will last.

While talking to Daily Information Times a senior citizen said that the situation is causing a lot of concern for citizens who need to contact them in an emergency. The police have not provided any alternate announcement for the citizens, leaving many feeling stranded.

We demand that the police provide reliable phone numbers so that people can reach out in times of need.

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