SHO Shafqat Faiz Karachi Company Police Station Arrested Criminals involved in Snatching

ISLAMABAD, May 25 : In a major breakthrough, under the leadership of SHO Shafqat Faiz Karachi Company Police Station, along with his dedicated team, successfully apprehended two suspects belonging to the notorious Saqi Gang involved in snatching incidents. The gang had a notorious history of stealing mobile phones, cash, and other valuable items from citizens at gunpoint in twin cities.

During the operation, the police seized stolen goods, including mobile phones, cash, and other valuable items. Additionally, the recovered items also included stolen motorcycles and ammunition used in criminal activities.

Further investigations revealed that the suspects were involved in 13 criminal incidents within the jurisdiction of Karachi Company Police Station. Their arrest not only resulted in the recovery of stolen items but also exposed their involvement in the criminal network behind these snatching activities.

Shafqat Faiz is indeed an exceptional officer who has consistently displayed professionalism and bravery in his role within the Islamabad Police force. His dedication and focus on his duties have been recognized and appreciated by his colleagues and superiors. Shafqat Faiz has conducted numerous successful operations against criminals, highlighting his effectiveness as a law enforcement officer.

Not only is he known for his successful operations, but he is also highly regarded for his honesty and bravery. These qualities contribute to his reputation as a trustworthy and commendable officer. Shafqat Faiz’s team takes pride in working alongside him, recognizing his contributions and leadership within the Islamabad Police.

It is evident that Shafqat Faiz is a valuable asset to the police force, and his commendable efforts and achievements deserve recognition and appreciation


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