Shafqat Faiz SHO, PS Karachi Company Seizes Heroin and Arrests Criminal

ISLAMABAD, May 25 : Under the directives of SP Saddar Zone Noshirwan Ali  and on the instructions of SDPO Razaullah Khan Margalla Circle , the SHO of Karachi Company Police Station, SHO Shafqat Faiz, along with his team, carried out a successful operation against notorious drug dealers.

During the operation, police team recovered heroin powder from the possession of previously recorded accused Kashif Masih and registered a case.


Kashif Masih, who had been involved in the sale of drugs among the youth, was apprehended as a result of the crackdown. The seized heroin powder has been registered as evidence, and further investigation is underway. The Karachi Company Police Station is determined to continue its efforts to combat the drug trade in the area and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Encouraging citizens to inform the police about any suspicious activity is an important step in maintaining public safety and security. By fostering a strong partnership between law enforcement and the community, it becomes easier to identify potential threats and prevent criminal activities.

The police play a crucial role in protecting citizens and maintaining peace and calm within a city. They are responsible for responding to emergencies, enforcing laws, and ensuring the safety of residents. By actively encouraging citizens to report suspicious activity, the police can gather valuable information that helps them take proactive measures to prevent crimes before they occur.

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