Koral Police Station Arrests Motorcycle Theft Suspect and Recovers Stolen Bike

Islamabad, May,27: Koral Police Station’s team has successfully apprehended the suspect involved in a motorcycle theft. As a result of their operation, the stolen motorcycle has been recovered. This achievement showcases the exemplary work of the police department, and it serves as a reminder to citizens to promptly inform the police if they witness any suspicious activities.

Undoubtedly, this is a proud and commendable moment as the police have captured the perpetrator of the motorcycle theft. This operation reflects the natural talent of the police department.

It is essential to remind citizens that their role is crucial too. If you observe any suspicious activities, please inform the police immediately. This is the time for you to assist and help in apprehending criminals within the confines of the law.

We extend our gratitude to the local residents who have actively cooperated with the Koral Police Station on this occasion. It is due to their participation that the police were able to apprehend the suspect involved in the motorcycle theft.

We hope that this accomplishment will inspire others and instill a sense of courage among them

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