Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah SHO PS Sumbal Team Conducts Operations Against Drug Dealers

Islamabad, May, 27: In a recent operation conducted by the Sumbal Police team, led by the honest, hardworking, and dedicated officer Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah, the Capital Police have taken a significant stride in their ongoing efforts to combat drug-related crimes within the city. Two suspects were successfully apprehended, and a substantial quantity of narcotics was seized.

Under the leadership of SHO Syed Ishtiaq Hussain Shah, Sumbal Police Station have been making notable progress in curbing the illegal drug trade. His commitment to maintaining the safety of the community has played a vital role in the success of this operation.

The Capital Police express their gratitude to the vigilant citizens who have actively cooperated and provided valuable information leading to these arrests. It is through the support and collaboration of the community that law enforcement can effectively tackle the menace of drug trafficking.

This operation serves as a reminder to all citizens to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities they may come across. By working together, citizens and the police can create a safer environment and ultimately eliminate the illicit drug trade from our city.

The Capital Police urge citizens to continue their support and assist the police in their ongoing efforts. By joining forces, we can ensure a safer and drug-free future for everyone in the community.

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