Residents Face Harassment and Hardships as Bahria Town Management Allegedly Damages Properties

Islamabad, 26 May: Residents of Defense Villas Sector F are enduring distressing circumstances as they accuse Bahria Town management of engaging in wrongful actions and causing significant problems for the community.

The situation unfolded when an excavator, believed to be sent by Bahria Town, entered the neighborhood and dug holes right in front of the entrance gates of residents’ houses. The targeted individuals, including Mr. Zafar, Mr. Masood Ur Rehman, and Advocate Arif, were not spared either, as similar damage was inflicted on their properties.

These actions have left the residents feeling disturbed, intimidated, and facing various difficulties. The excavator’s intrusion resulted in damaged water lines, affecting their daily lives. Moreover, the deliberate disruption of electricity sources has caused further hardship, leaving the residents feeling helpless.

The root cause of this conflict lies in the residents’ claims that Bahria Town has been imposing exorbitant maintenance fees. In response to the perceived unfairness, the affected residents resorted to legal action, seeking justice. However, instead of addressing their concerns, Bahria Town seemingly chose to retaliate by causing destruction and distress within the community.

The affected residents have promptly filed official complaints against the Bahria Town management, urging the authorities to intervene and put an end to this distressing situation. They strongly emphasize that their pursuit of justice should not result in acts of vandalism or intimidation against them.

The consequences of these actions have been far-reaching, with residents now facing a multitude of problems. They are struggling to enter and exit their homes, including accessing their garages and moving their vehicles. The damaged water lines have compounded their difficulties, further disrupting their daily routines and adding to their frustrations.

In light of these challenges, the residents anxiously await the response from local authorities. They fervently appeal for a thorough investigation into the matter, ensuring the safety and security of the affected residents. Additionally, they call for a fair and transparent evaluation of the maintenance fees imposed by Bahria Town, seeking a just resolution to the ongoing dispute.

As tensions escalate between the residents of Defense Villas Sector F and Bahria Town management, the affected residents stand united, determined to protect their rights and restore peace within their community. They hope for swift action to address the wrongdoings and alleviate their hardships caused by Bahria Town’s alleged actions.

In this trying time, the residents yearn for justice, support, and a resolution that will bring relief to their lives and restore harmony in their neighborhood.

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