Taxila Police Station’s SHO Sarmad Leads Successful Raid

Taxila City, May 26: – In a display of exceptional police work, the Taxila Police Station, under the leadership of SHO Sarmad and his dedicated team, conducted a highly successful operation that resulted in the arrest of a notorious criminal involved in a range of offenses. This operation not only exemplifies the commitment of the Taxila Police to maintain law and order but also reinforces their determination to protect the citizens from lawlessness.


The apprehended culprit, identified as Adnan, was apprehended during a raid on a notorious party engaged in illegal activities. Adnan, previously known for his involvement in criminal activities, including car theft and many more. Many things were found in his possession like stolen Toyota Corolla Altis, Fortuner, three rickshaws, four motorcycles, a significant sum of 12,000 rupees, and a dangerous weapon.


The Taxila Police, well-aware of the threats posed to the safety of the city’s residents and law enforcement personnel, acted swiftly and effectively. The raid unfolded with utmost precision, with the police unit seizing the stolen items and promptly apprehending the culprit.

SHO Sarmad expressed his satisfaction over the successful operation, stating, “Our primary objective is to ensure the safety and security of the community we serve. This operation showcases the relentless efforts of the Taxila Police to combat crime and protect our citizens. We are dedicated to maintaining the peace and harmony in our city.”

Citizens are encouraged to report suspicious activity to the police in order to ensure safety and maintain peace in the city.

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