Tehreek e Istaqlal Party Chairman Stresses Importance of Pakistani Army to National Stability

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Chairman of Tehreek e Istaqlal Party, Barrister Syed Nusrat Ali Shah, recently made a statement emphasizing the importance of the country’s military in comparison to their politicians. According to Syed, army officers have an advantage due to their 30-35 years of experience in a disciplined environment.

While Talking to Chief Editor Daily Information Times Syed Bilal Izzat Naqvi, Barrister Syed Nusrat Ali Shah went on to explain that while politicians come and go, the military remains a constant presence that provides much-needed stability in times of turmoil and during transitions between leadership. He highlighted their dedication and service to protecting their country from any threats, both foreign and domestic.

Barrister Syed Nusrat Ali Shah stressed that without the army, Pakistan would find itself in an incredibly vulnerable position against regional and global threats.

The Chairman also thanked the soldiers of Pakistan for their dedication and sacrifices to protecting the nation and its citizens. He said that while politicians may come and go, it is ultimately up to the armed forces to ensure that Pakistan remains strong and able to defend itself against those who wish it harm. Mr.

Furthermore, due to their experience, the military is able to provide insights into how different policies may affect security. This gives them a unique perspective that is invaluable when making critical decisions regarding the safety of citizens.

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