CPO and CTO hold meeting with CDA officials to address traffic issues

Islamabad, April 20: The recent meeting between the Chief Traffic Officer Dr. Syed Mustafa Tanvir and the Chief Police Officer Safe City Muhammad Shoaib Khurram with CDA official’s is a significant step towards addressing traffic issues in Islamabad. As traffic congestion is a major problem in the city, it is crucial to have a coordinated effort between law enforcement and traffic authorities to find solutions.

During the meeting, the officials discussed various traffic-related issues such as the maintenance of road signs, fixing broken traffic signals, and installing new ones in strategic locations. These measures can go a long way in improving the flow of traffic and ensuring the safety of commuters.

The Capital Traffic Police has been actively working to improve traffic conditions in Islamabad, and this meeting is a testament to their commitment to finding effective solutions. By taking a proactive approach and working together, the authorities can make Islamabad a safer and more efficient city for everyone.

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